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Practicing in real estate usually involves the transfer of property between a buyer and a seller. Since the family home is often a person's largest asset, we assist with this type of transfer often. We work to make this as quick and efficient as we possibly can. Real estate, however, can involve much more than the family home. In our real estate practice, we address all aspects of property ownership, including times when you co-own property and only one of you wants "out."

Working With Lenders

We also assist with representing individuals and business when they are trying to obtain financing through their lending institutions. Whether this includes a mortgage to purchase the family home, a refinance of an existing mortgage, or a complex business transaction that includes a lending component, we have experience representing clients with various residential and commercial needs.

What we are not? A real estate mill. We do not give this matter to paralegals. If you are a client and the legal issue is important to you, it is important to us.

Our Services Include:

Sale and Purchase

We handle all aspects of the sales and purchases of real property from contract to closing.


We negotiate, draft, and assist in the execution of leases that provide our client the greatest benefit available.

Commercial Transactions and Related Matters

From sales and purchases to obtaining financing from lenders, and everything in between.