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In addition to working with family wealth and family businesses, we also represent individuals in Family Court. Outside matters of death, perhaps the most difficult time in a person's life when dealing with the law is when there are legal issues surrounding the family. There is nothing more difficult when the family unit experiences legal strain and stress. We represent individuals who need someone to fight on their behalf. We listen to our client's goals and educate our client about the law and how New York Courts view and may be able to assist the family unit.

We represent individuals in the following matters:

Child Custody

We educate you on the various types of custody and help fight for the type that fits your family best.

Child Support

We help determine the correct amount of child support and fight for that amount. We also address issues surrounding support violations.

Child Visitation

We help craft a visitation and access schedule that works for the family. We also fight to enforce visitation and access where it has been unlawfully denied.


We help establish and defend against suits where the father may be unknown.

Family Offense

Family Offense matters are non-jail solutions to domestic violence. We represent petitioners seeking protection and respondents to seek a non-jail time resolution to matters of domestic violence.